The Books

‘Rags of Time’ is the first in a series of historical mystery thriller books set in London in the 17th century. Starting in the chaotic period leading to the English Civil War, the series will chart the lives of Thomas Tallant and Elizabeth Seymour during a 30-year period of unprecedented political upheaval and growth, both in knowledge and commercial activity. A king is beheaded, a republic born (and dies) and the foundations of modern scientific and commercial/financial thinking established within the life span of our heroes.

‘The Wrecking Storm’ sees England on the eve of civil war, splintered and angry, but not truly aware of the full horrors about to be unleashed as brothers and fathers take up arms against each other.

The pent-up storm is finally released in ‘The Drums of War’ as the King flees London and the two sides finally come together on the bloody fields of Edgehill.

The Author

Mike Ward is an English creator of historical fiction. Born in Liverpool, he was a BBC journalist and journalism academic before turning to non-factual writing.

His debut novel ‘The Rags of Time’ is located in London in 1639. It marks the start of a tumultuous 30 years – civil war, regicide, republic and royal restoration. Politics, religion, commerce, science, and medicine – none are left untouched by this ferment of change.

Mike believes it’s the perfect setting for his hero Thomas Tallant’s series of adventures, starting with ‘Rags’ and followed by ‘The Wrecking Storm’ and ‘The Drums of War’.

Mike’s work is published by Sharpe Books.